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RakeTracker | The Rakeback Pioneer.

Believe it or not, there was a time in online poker’s history that there was no such thing as rakeback. When the seeds of Rake Tracker were first planted in 2003 almost all poker rewards came in the form of bonuses. Soon players wanted more. The RakeTracker business first started small, offering rakeback to players on a one-on-one basis and through referrals.

As the business grew, RakeTracker.com was launched as one of the first full-scale rakeback providers on the internet providing players with additional perks that they could receive in addition to bonuses – payout out rakeback since 2004. Now many years later, players still flock to RakeTracker for industry leading rakeback deals, monthly poker promotions in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and top quality customer support.

What is Rakeback?

All live and online card rooms take “rake” and “tournament fees” to run and operate their games. The amount of rake or fees taken will vary by game type and stake levels, but will generally be 5% of each pot for ring games and around 10% of the buy-in for tournaments.

With rakeback, players are returned a percentage of the rake that is attributed to them, usually 27%-40%. Simply put: Receiving rakeback and other promotions help winning poker players win more and losing poker players lose less. There is no reason not to get rakeback!

Getting rakeback is easy through RakeTracker: simply , then using our referral links download the poker site’s software, add the tracker to your account and you are ready to go! Detailed instructions are available on each site’s review page.

Why Should I Join RakeTracker?

Joining RakeTracker is FREE and easy. Creating a FREE account will give you instant access to rakeback from two dozen rooms on all major networks. RakeTracker members will also receive access to over $300,000 in monthly promotions including: Rake Races, Rake Chases, Freerolls and free poker coaching. Refer your friends to RakeTracker and earn $40 per friend and up to 4% of the rake they generate – income for life!

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Rakeback Calculator

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