Poker Game Rules

poker rules

To the right you will find a list of most games offered at online poker rooms. If you are new at poker or are wishing to learn a new game then these are a great reference on the basic rules for different variations of poker. Learning a new game can be great for reducing poker burnout and you never know when you might find a new game to master.

Games such as Razzdugi, Badeucy and Badacey are typically only found in home games or some mixed games in Las Vegas casinos. The great thing about learning games like those is that nobody is a master of them. Typically they are played just for fun at lower limits. They are much more social than serious games.


Badeucy, sometimes referred to as Baduci, is a game dealt like 2-7 Triple Draw. The game can be played with no more than 6 players. If the mixed game has more players then players to the left of the big blind must sit out. For example if a game is 8 handed the two players that would normally be under the gun are dealt out. The best 2-7 hand wins half and the best badugi hand wins the other half. The best 2-7 hand is 75432. Flushes, aces and straights are high. The best badugi is A234 rainbow. Typically in Badeucy the ace is high for the Badugi half.

A small and big blind is posted and players are dealt 5 cards. Players must decide to call the big blind, raise the big blind or fold. After the preflop action players draw as many cards as they wish. There is then another betting round with the bet size equal to the big blind. Players then draw again. After that draw there is a betting round where the bet size is equal to double the big blind. There is then a final draw and betting round equal to double the big blind. The hands are then shown. If at any point the dealer runs out of draw cards the last card is not used. All of the discards and the remaining fresh card are shuffled together. Burn cards are not shuffled in with the discards. It is possible for players in earlier position to receive fresh cards during a round that players in late position would have to get reshuffled cards.

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What is Rakeback?

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