$2,500 Sign-Up Bonus and VIP Program

BetSafe Poker on the Ongame and Microgaming Network
Up to 40% Cashback for Ongame – Up to €1000 Bonus + Up to 30% Cashback for Microgaming
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Rake Method more info Essence Contributed for Ongame - Weighted Contributed for Microgaming
Deductions more infoN/A
Reward Payment more infoValueback through the Ongame VIP Program - 30% Microgaming rakeback
When Paid more infoBonuses Purchased by players
Free Coaching more info DeucesCracked

BetSafe Poker Screenshots

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BetSafe Poker VIP Bonus Review

Betsafe Bonus Review

Betsafe offers poker on two different platforms. Ongame is offered through its Poker Red platform, while Microgaming is offered through its Poker Black platform. Players may receive the first deposit bonus on both networks.

Betsafe Poker’s Red platform, on the Ongame Network, does not offer rakeback. In the place of rakeback, the site offers a VIP program where players can receive cashback, often called "Valueback." Players can receive 30%-40% valueback from RakeTracker by receiving an automatic upgrade to Diamond VIP. In order to receive the Betsafe Diamond VIP upgrade, please make sure to submit a Rake Tracker ticket requesting the offer. Players can receive the maximum rate when achieving the Diamond Elite status, which requires 72,000 Player Points earned over a year.

Players earn 3.6 Player Points per $1 of tournament buy-in fees or contributed cash game rake. Players should be aware that Betsafe Poker, like all Ongame sites, operates under the "Essence" system of points calculation. Essence is a complicated system that adjusts the number of Player Points earned at cash games according to skill level. Simply explained, superior players will earn fewer points than their inferior opponents. The system was designed by Ongame to bring more recreational players to the network, which is believed to help the overall quality of games.

Betsafe Microgaming Rakeback

Betsafe’s Poker Black platform offers players a 200% up to €1000 first deposit bonus. The bonus clears at a rate of €1 in bonus money for every €5 in rake or tournament fees paid. The bonus is released in 10% increments and expires after 60 days. No bonus code is needed for this bonus. The bonus automatically activates upon the player’s first transfer to the Microgaming platform.

BetSafe players that sign up through RakeTracker will also qualify for an automatic upgrade to Diamond. The Diamond tier awards players 30% Microgaming rakeback. Players may convert their points to cash through the BetSafe VIP store. Players will receive Diamond status within seven days of playing their first raked hand and all action will qualify for the 30% rakeback Diamond tier. This VIP upgrade is permanent.

BetSafe Valueback for Ongame
Status Level Points Required Equivalent Rake Qualification Period Valueback
Silver 0 $0 Monthly 8%-12%
Gold 1,000 $277 Monthly 12%-16%
Platinum 3,000 $833 Monthly 16%-20%
Diamond Elite 72,000 $20,000 Annually 30%-40%

Do not use BetSafe Poker Refer a Friend program when you sign up as it will prevent you from receiving rakeback.

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BetSafe Poker Review

Betsafe Poker Summary:

BetSafe Poker first launched on the Tain Network and since established on the Ongame Network, one of Europe’s largest networks. As part of their VIP Program, players can earn up to 40% in Valueback on the Ongame platform. In order to receive the Betsafe Ongame Diamond VIP upgrade, please make sure to submit a Rake Tracker ticket requesting the offer. The Microgaming platform pays up to 30% cashback. RakeTracker members who choose to play on BetSafe Poker can do so via a PC or dedicated Mac download. An Instant play option is also available if you prefer to play through your internet browser.

As a site on one of the largest networks catering to Europeans, Bet Safe Poker has plentiful action at many stake levels, especially for No Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha. Betsafe also runs a Fast Fold client called Fast Poker, which is very similiar to Full Tilt Poker's Rush Poker. They are also a haven for tournaments, with over $15 Million in guaranteed tournaments are offered each month. Players can qualify for many of the most popular tournaments through Turbo satellites.

Betsafe Poker’s Ongame platform offers players a choice of one of six sign-up bonuses up to $2,000, clearable at a 8 Player Point per $1 rate, which is the equivalent of a 45% Valueback rate at ring games and tournaments. Players gravitate towards BetSafe because of the lucrative races (totaling up to $100k per month) and freeroll promotions as well as special tournament promotions.

Betsafe’s Microgaming platform offers players a 200% up to €1000 first deposit bonus. The bonus clears at a rate of €1 for every €5 in rake paid. The bonus releases in 10% increments and any bonus that is not cleared within 60 days expires. BetSafe Microgaming players also qualify for 30% rakeback on all play. Players may convert their points at this rate in the VIP store.

Betsafe Poker Deposit and Withdrawal Methods
Method Deposit Withdrawal Notes
Skrill (Moneybookers)
2.5% fee
2.5% fee
Bank Transfer
Takes three business days
2.5% fee

Player to Player Transfers: No


Ongame and Microgaming
USA Accepted:
EU Licensed:
Public Company:
Accounts on Multiple Skins:
Yes, players are able to have accounts on multiple skins
Restricted Countries:
United States
Mobile Version:
Download Versions:
Windows, Mac
No Download Vers.:
Windows, Mac
Website Languages:
English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Bulgarian, and Latvian
Live Chat:
Phone Help:
0044-808-2800 766
Betsafe Poker VIP Help:
Contact Us

Betsafe Poker Software

Resizable tables (518x402 minimum, full screen max), Personalized seating, customized lobbies, Tile tables
Hands per hour:
70- NL Hold’em Full Ring, 118- NL Hold’em Shorthanded, Limited Data- Fixed Limit Hold’em Full Ring, 102- Fixed Hold’em Shorthanded
Client Languages:
English, German, Czech, Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish, Russian, Hungarian, Croatian, Danish, Finnish
Mac Friendly Client:
Yes- Download and Instant Versions

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BetSafe Poker Bonuses

Betsafe Poker Bonus Details

Bonus: Choice of $25-$2,000
Referral Bonus Code: N/A to the right
Clear Rate: 8 Player Points per $1 of bonus money

Earning Player Points for Ongame Platform: At multi-table tournaments, Sit N Gos and cash games, players will earn 3.6 Player Points for every $1 in fees. A further adjustment is made for Player Points earned at cash games according to your skill level versus your opponents. A more skilled player will earn fewer points than the standard; an interior player will earn more Player Points.

Earning Player Points for Microgaming Platform: Microgaming players earn 10 Player Points for every $1 in rake or tournament entry fees paid. Player Points may be used to enter freerolls. Player Points are earned using the contributed method.

Additional Terms: The Ongame bonus releases in a lump sum. Players have 29 to 60 days to clear the sign-up bonus, depending on the bonus being cleared. Enter the bonus code when transferring into poker. The Microgaming bonus releases in 10% increments and expires in 60 days.

Account Specific and Reload Bonuses

Betsafe offers occasional account specific reload bonuses that are delivered via email. Clearance rates are usually around 8 Player Points per $1 bonus and have been seen offered on a monthly basis or around special holidays.

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Betsafe Bonus
Ongame Bonus Amount Ongame Bonus Code Ongame Bonus Expires After Points Required
$25 RED25 90 Days 200 (8x)
$75 RED75 90 Days 600 (8x)
$250 RED250 90 Days 2,000 (8x)
$1000 RED1000 70 Days 8,000 (8x)
$2500 RED2500 43 Days 25,000 (10x)
Ongame Rakeback Equivalents -- Cash Games
Cash Games Full Ring Shorthanded
Ongame Sign-Up Bonus RB Equivalent 45% 45%
Ongame Rakeback Equivalents -- Tournaments
Tournaments Full Ring
Sign-Up Bonus RB Equivalent 45%
BetSafe Poker Games


The game of choice at BetSafe Poker is No Limit Hold’em, especially at the shorthanded tables, which comprise around 75% of all running tables. No Limit Hold’em cash game tables offer stakes ranging from $0.02/$0.04 up to $50/$100. The majority of the No Limit Hold’em action is available at limits up to $10/$20. At other games, players can be seen at Fixed Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha, with Pot Limit Omaha being the #2 most populated games on the site with activity seen at games up to $2.50/$5.00. Fixed Limit Hold’em games are available up to $5/$10, with tables also mostly available shorthanded.

Less popular games on the Ongame Network include Pot Limit Hold’em, Fixed Limit Omaha, Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo and Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo. 7 Card Stud and 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo are the games offered for Stud, while 5 Card Draw tables are available in Pot Limit and Fixed Limit. Most tables at BetSafe consist of 10 seats at the full tables and 5 at shorthanded tables. Very uniquely, BetSafe Poker also provides No Limit Hold’em tables with 3 seats at the smaller limits. The 5 Card Draw tables have 5 seats and Stud tables will always have 5 or 8 seats.

Betsafe also recently introduced Fast Poker, a new form of poker similar to Rush Poker and Zoom Poker that allows you to immediately be dealt new cards after folding your previous hand (regardless of whether action is still going on). You can play these games through a separate software available through the Betsafe site.

Hold'em # of Seats Offered Available* Types
No Limit 2,3,5,10 $.02/$.04-$50/$100 Up to $25/$50 Fast Poker (separate area of client)
Pot Limit 2,5,10 $.05/$.10-$25/$50 Limited
Fixed Limit 2,5,10 $.05/$.10-$500/$1000 Up to $5/$10
Omaha # of Seats Offered Available* Types
Pot Limit 2,5,10 $.10/$.10-$50/$50 Up to $20/$20
Fixed Limit 2,5,10 $.05/$.10-$25/$50 Limited  
Omaha Hi/Lo
Omaha Hi/Lo # of Seats Offered Available* Types
Pot Limit 5,10 $.10/$.10-$50/$50 Up to $1/$1
Fixed Limit 2,5,10 $.10/$.10-$25/$50 Up to $1/$1  
Seven Card Stud # of Seats Offered Available* Types
Hi 5,8 $0.10/$0.20-$50/$100 up to $0.50/$1.00  
Hi/Lo 5,8 $0.10/$0.20-$50/$100 Limited  

Other Games: Limit 5 Card Draw, Fixed Limit 5 Card Draw

Multi-Table Tournaments

Players can participate in over $3 million a week in guaranteed tournaments at BetSafe Poker. The featured tournament on the site is the $200,000 guaranteed ChampionChip, held each Sunday at 18:00 CET/16:00 GMT. The buy-in for this event is $190+$10, with satellites ranging from $1+$0.20 to $30+$3.

Other notable tournaments at Bet Safe include a $100+$8 $100,000 guaranteed held on Sundays at 21:00 CET/19:00 GMT and a $40,000 guaranteed held on Tuesdays at 20:30 CET/18:30 GMT. The latter is designed for High Rollers as it sports a $500+$25 buy-in. The Ongame Network also does a good job providing guaranteed tournaments to players from all regions. For example, specialized tournaments are available for players in Brazil, Europe and Australia.

Players can qualify at certain tournaments through Mad Tilt on a daily basis. These satellites don't last long since chip stacks start at 100 and blinds go up every 3 minutes. Satellites are also available for many other popular online tournaments. Many times these satellites are available as Turbo qualifiers.

No Limit Hold'em is without a doubt are the game of choice at Betsafe and the Ongame Network; however, tournaments occasionally run in other games such as Fixed Limit Hold'em, 5 Card Draw, 7 Card Stud and Omaha. Pot Limit Omaha is especially well represented with their tournament offerings.

Tournament styles at Ongame include Deep Stacks, Turbos and Rebuys. With Deep Stack tournaments, players will start out with 3000 chips, twice as many as at a normal tournament. Rebuy tournaments will allow players to buy back into the tournament after they bust. Many rebuy tournaments also have Add-ons, which allows any player to add chips to their stack after the first hour.

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Featured Tournaments
Name Buy-in When Gtd. Sat Notes
ChampionChip $150k Gtd 190+10 Sundays at 18:00 CET/16:00 GMT $200k Yes
$100,000 Guaranteed 100+8 Sunday at 21:00 CET/19:00 GMT $100k No One Rebuy and Add-on
$40,000 Euro Grand Prix 150+12 Saturdays at 20:00 CET/18:00 GMT $40k No
$40,000 Highroller 500+25 Tuesday at 20:30 CET/18:30 GMT $25k No
$40,000 European Rebuy 50+4 Daily at 21:00 CET/19:00 GMT $30k No Rebuys
$15,000 NL Hold'em Rebuy 5+0.50 Daily at 20:00 CET/18:00 GMT $20k No Rebuys


No Limit Hold'em, the overwhelming single table tournament of choice at Betsafe Poker, offers tables with buy-ins ranging from $0.50+$0.03 up to $500+$30. However, the large majority of the action takes place at limits up to $100+$8. Most of the Sit N Go tables are available in 5 or 10 seats, but there is also some multi-table action available at tables with up to 50 seats. Most of the multi-table Sit N Go action will be seen at the 30 seat tables up to $10+$1. The one exception is that 20, 30 and 50 seat tables are available at the low buy-in $0.50+$0.03 Coin Flip tables.

In addition to No Limit Hold’em, Sit N Gos are also available in Pot Limit and Fixed Limit versions for Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo and 5 Card Draw. Stud tables can be found for 7 Card Stud and 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo. Despite being offered, these tables see little participation.

Betsafe Poker offers a variety of styles in their SNGs. With Coin Flip tournaments -- offered for Hold'em, Omaha, Stud and Draw -- are referred to as the "Quickest Sit N Go Earth,” and require players to go all-in on the 1st hand. Double or Nothing tournaments, which in recent years took the Sit N Go world by storm, pay the top half of the participants with double their buy-in. DONs are offered at all buy-in levels at No Limit Hold’em.

Deepstack Sit N Gos are only available at the high buy-in tournaments at $200+$15 and above. In these contests, players start out with 2,500 in chips -- up from 1,500 at standard SNGs. If you prefer a quick game, you might want to check out the Mad Tilt All-In single table tournaments. In these super-fast tournaments, players are given only 60 chips with blinds starting out at 10/20. To speed things along even more, the blinds increase every 3 minutes. These tables are available up to $10/$20.

Betsafe Poker Rake Schedule

Betsafe Poker Rake Schedule
# of Players   2 3 4 5-10
Fixed Limit $0.15/$0.30-$0.25/$0.50 $0.05 per $1, $0.50 max (5%) $0.05 per $1, $0.50 max (5%) $0.05 per $1, $0.50 max (5%) $0.05 per $1, $0.50 max (5%)
Fixed Limit $0.50/$1.00-$2/$4 $0.05 per $1, $1 max (5%) $0.05 per $1, $2 max (5%) $0.05 per $1, $2 max (5%) $0.05 per $1, $3 max (5%)
Fixed Limit $3/$6 and Up $0.25 per $5, $1 max (5%) $0.01 per $0.20, $2 max (5%) $0.01 per $0.20, $2 max (5%) $0.01 per $0.20, $3 max (5%)
No Limit $.02/$.04-$.25/$.50 $0.05 per $1, $1 max (5%) $0.05 per $1, $1.50 max (5%) $0.05 per $1, $1.50 max (5%) $0.05 per $1, $1.50 max (5%)
No Limit $.50/$1.00 and Up $0.05 per $1, $1 max (5%) $0.05 per $1, $2 max (5%) $0.05 per $1, $2 max (5%) $0.05 per $1, $3 max (5%)

The rake chart above represents all currencies.

Example: At a $1/$2 fixed limit Hold'em game with 6 players seated and dealt cards, $0.05 in rake would be taken for each $1 in the pot up to a total of $3 in rake. Once the pot reaches $30, no further rake is taken. "5%" represents the % of the pot that is raked from the table at the time the rake is taken. Because many pots do not end up being raked (i.e. if no flop is seen) or if the pot is in between rake levels, effective rake levels are lower.

BetSafe Poker General Promotions

Betsafe Poker Promotions

VIP Program

Betsafe Poker offers a VIP Program based on the number of Player Points that each players has accumulated during a month or yearly period. The primary benefit of the program is that players will be able to earn Valueback up to 40%, based on your VIP status level at BetSafe Poker. Earnings are paid directly to your Cash is King account on the 1st banking day of the month.

Players earn VIP status levels according to the number of Player Points earned during a monthly or yearly period. Player Points are earned at a rate of 3.6 Player Points per $1 of rake at cash games and tournament buy-in fees. An adjustment is made to Player Points earned at cash games dependent upon your skill level. Higher skilled players will earn fewer points, while inferior players will earn more points.

BetSafe Valueback
Status Level Points Required Equivalent Rake Qualification Period Valueback
Silver 0 $0 Monthly 8%-12%
Gold 1,000 $277 Monthly 12%-16%
Platinum 3,000 $833 Monthly 16%-20%
Diamond Elite 72,000 $20,000 Annually 30%-40%

Due to the complexity of the Player Point calculations for ring game players, we can only provide a rough estimate of the equivalent rake required for ring game players.


Each month, Betsafe offers $125,000 in Points Races to cash game players. The races will consist of two $60,000 races, split between the first and second half of each month. The leaderboards will award prizes to the top 100 players. The top 10 players in each leaderboard will also receive an invitation to a special freeroll where three $5,000 in additional cash will be given away will be given away.

Race Pay-Out
1st $7,500 + Race Freeroll
2nd $5,500 + Race Freeroll
3rd $4,250 + Race Freeroll
4th $3,250 + Race Freeroll
5th $2,500 + Race Freeroll
6th $2,000 + Race Freeroll
7th $1,500 + Race Freeroll
8th $1,200 + Race Freeroll
9th $1,000 + Race Freeroll
10th $800
11th-20th $650
21st-30th $550
31st-40th $475
41st-50th $400
51st-60th $325
61st-70th $250
71st-80th $175
81st-90th $125
91st-100th $100

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RakeTracker | The Rakeback Pioneer.

Believe it or not, there was a time in online poker’s history that there was no such thing as rakeback. When the seeds of Rake Tracker were first planted in 2003 almost all poker rewards came in the form of bonuses. Soon players wanted more. The RakeTracker business first started small, offering rakeback to players on a one-on-one basis and through referrals.

As the business grew, RakeTracker.com was launched as one of the first full-scale rakeback providers on the internet providing players with additional perks that they could receive in addition to bonuses – payout out rakeback since 2004. Now many years later, players still flock to RakeTracker for industry leading rakeback deals, monthly poker promotions in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and top quality customer support.

What is Rakeback?

All live and online card rooms take “rake” and “tournament fees” to run and operate their games. The amount of rake or fees taken will vary by game type and stake levels, but will generally be 5% of each pot for ring games and around 10% of the buy-in for tournaments.

With rakeback, players are returned a percentage of the rake that is attributed to them, usually 27%-40%. Simply put: Receiving rakeback and other promotions help winning poker players win more and losing poker players lose less. There is no reason not to get rakeback!

Getting rakeback is easy through RakeTracker: simply , then using our referral links download the poker site’s software, add the tracker to your account and you are ready to go! Detailed instructions are available on each site’s review page.

Why Should I Join RakeTracker?

Joining RakeTracker is FREE and easy. Creating a FREE account will give you instant access to rakeback from two dozen rooms on all major networks. RakeTracker members will also receive access to over $300,000 in monthly promotions including: Rake Races, Rake Chases, Freerolls and free poker coaching. Refer your friends to RakeTracker and earn $40 per friend and up to 4% of the rake they generate – income for life!

Rakeback Calculator

Rakeback Calculator

Rakeback Newsletter

To make sure you receive Raketracker's latest updates and offers, please add support@raketracker.com to your e-mail address book or safe sender list.