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Rake Method more info Weighted Contributed
Deductions more info FPP usage
RakeBack Payment more info Made by Interpoker to your Interpoker account
When Paid more info On the 5th for the previous month's play
Free Coaching more info DeucesCracked

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Interpoker RakeBack Review

Interpoker Rakeback Review

When you open an account through RakeTracker you will receive 30% Interpoker rakeback. You will also receive a 200% up to €1000 bonus on your first deposit. Interpoker does not deduct bonuses from your MGR. Rakeback at Interpoker is based on the weighted contributed method. Tournament fees are included in rakeback.

You may have up to 4 accounts on the Boss Media Network. Players must generate €100 in rake during a month to receive rakeback. This is a Boss Media policy and applies to all poker rooms on the network. Rakeback will be paid by Interpoker on the 5th each month for the previous calendar month.


Do not use Interpoker Refer a Friend program when you sign up as it will prevent you from receiving rakeback.

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Interpoker Review

Interpoker Summary:

Interpoker is an EU licensed site on the Boss Media Network. Originally established on the Cryptologic Network in 2002, Interpoker has been a stalwart at Boss Media since early 2009.

The games at Interpoker can be played in dollars, euros and pounds, allowing players greater flexibility. Player’s accounts are offered in a dozen different currencies. Most of the cash game action can be found at No Limit, Fixed Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha. MTT highlights include a weekly €75,000 guaranteed, Headhunter tournaments and satellites into popular live events such as the English and Scottish Open.

They offer 30% rakeback and a 200% up to €1000 sign-up bonus. RakeTracker also offers $10k in exclusive promotions to further add your rakeback return. Other popular promotions include a Bad Beat Jackpot and a VIP Lounge that offers, among other perks, exclusive freeroll entries and special VIP treatment.

Interpoker Deposit and Withdrawal Methods
Method Deposit Withdrawal Notes
Skrill (Moneybookers)
$1 fee
Wire Transfer

Player to Player Transfers: No


Boss Media
USA Accepted:
EU Licensed:
Public Company:
OIGE PG Limited
Accounts on Multiple Skins:
Players can have up to 4 accounts on the Boss Media Network
Restricted Countries:
Canada, France, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, United States
Mobile Version:
Download Versions:
No Download Vers.:
Windows, Apple/Mac
Website Languages:
German and English
Live Chat:
Phone Help:
00 357 22 55 26 82- other numbers available for other languages
Interpoker Rakeback Help:
Contact Us

Interpoker Software

Resizable tables (260x190 mini-view, 416x322 min resized, Full screen size max ),Personalized seating, Alerts upon action
Hands per hour:
71- NL Hold’em Full Ring, 107- NL Hold’em Shorthanded, 79- Fixed Limit Hold’em Full Ring, 114- Fixed Hold’em Shorthanded. 96- NLHE Full Ring Speed, 115- Fixed Limit Shorthanded Speed
Client Languages:
Mac Friendly Client:
Yes- No Download Version

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Interpoker Bonuses

Interpoker Bonus Details

Bonus: 200% up to €1,000
Referral Bonus Code:
Clear Rate: €5 for every €37.50 generated

Earning FPPs Points: Players earn 1 FPP for each €0.25 in generated rake at cash games or tournaments.

Additional Terms: The bonus will release in €5 increments. Any bonus not released will expire 90 days after your first deposit. Bonuses are not deducted from MGR.

Account Specific and Reload Bonuses:

Interpoker is not known to offer players reload and account specific bonuses.

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Rakeback Equivalents -- Cash Games
Cash Games Full Ring Shorthanded
Sign-Up Bonus RB Equivalent 13.3% 13.3%
Adds to 30% RB 13.3% (43.3% total) 13.3% (43.3% total)
Rakeback Equivalents -- Tournaments
Tournaments Full Ring
Sign-Up Bonus RB Equivalent 13.3%
Adds to 30% RB 13.3% (43.3% total)
Interpoker Games


Interpoker offers players cash games in dollars, Euros and pounds with tables available in seats of 2, 5, 6 or 10 at most games. Interpoker offers standard games at No Limit, Fixed Limit and Pot Limit Hold'em. Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo games come in Pot Limit and Fixed Limit. Stud games include 5 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud and Soko. Interpoker even offers various forms of Draw Poker.

Stake levels at most Interpoker games range from 0.02/0.04 all the way up to 1000/2000. The majority of the action can be found at No Limit Hold'em up to 5/10. Limit Hold'em games are also run up to 5/10 with sporadic action at the higher limits. PL Omaha games up to 1/2 frequently run along with some light action at PL Omaha Hi/Lo. Most of the action at other tables is sparse.

Interpoker’s most popular non-standard cash games come in the form of Bad Beat Jackpot tables, which are available at No Limit Hold'em at stake levels of 0.50/1.00 to 5/10 and 1/2 to 10/20 at Fixed Limit. Other table types include Turbo, 50 BB and Deep Stack tables. At Turbo tables, players will have 10 seconds to act versus 30 seconds at standard tables. With Deep Stack games, you cannot sit down with less than 100 big blinds. At 50 BB tables, you cannot sit down with less than 50 big blinds. Also available are “STR” tables where players can straddle, which is an automatic raise in front of the blinds.

Hold'em # of Seats Offered Available* Types
No Limit 2,5,6,10 0.02/0.04-300/600 Up to 5/10 Turbo, Bad Beat, 50 BB, Deepstack
Pot Limit 5,10 0.05/.10-10/20 Up to 0.12/0.25 Deep, Shallow Stacks
Fixed Limit 2,5,6,10/td> 0.10/.20-1000/2000 Up to 5/10 Speed
Omaha # of Seats Offered Available* Types
Pot Limit 2,5,10 0.05/0.10-300/600 Up to 2/4 50BB
Fixed Limit 5,10 0.15/0.30-50/100 Limited  
Omaha Hi/Lo
Omaha Hi/Lo # of Seats Offered Available* Types
Pot Limit 2,5,10 0.05/0.10-300/600 Up to 0.05/0.10 50BB
Fixed Limit 5,10 0.15/0.30-50/100 Limited  
No Limit 10 0.05/0.10-0.50/1 Limited  
Seven Card Stud Hi # of Seats Offered Available* Types
Fixed Limit 5,8 0.10/0.20-100/200 Limited  

Other Games: Limit Soko, Limit 5 Card Stud, 5 Card Draw, Pot Limit 5 Card Draw, 7-A Limit Draw, 7-A PL Limit Draw

Multi-Table Tournaments

Interpoker hosts over €2 Million in guaranteed tournaments every month, almost all of which are at No Limit Hold'em. Highlights of Interpoker's offerings include a €25,000 guaranteed held on Sundays at 1 PM ET/17:00 GMT and a €5,000 guaranteed Headhunter tournament held Daily at 2:30 PM ET/18:30 GMT. Also popular on the Boss Network are Headhunter tournaments, which is a slightly unconventional tournament in that Interpoker will award 50% as the regular prize pool and 50% to the Headhunters who knock out other players.

Players can qualify to popular live events at Interpoker such as the CAPT and WSOP. Buy-ins for many of these events start as low as €3.

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Featured Tournaments
Name Buy-in When Gtd. Sat Notes
€25,000 Gtd. €50+€5 Sunday at 1 PM ET/17:00 GMT €25k Yes
€5,000 Gtd €25+€2.50 Daily at 2:30 PM ET/18:30 GMT €5k Yes N/A
€4,000 Gtd. Rebuy €10+€1 Daily at 1 PM ET/17:00 GMT €20k Yes


No Limit Hold'em Sit N Gos at Interpoker are available in 5, 10, 20, 30, or 50 seats -- all in the euro currency. Tables can be seen populated at most 30 seat and under SNGs up to 10+1. Buy-ins are offered up to 10000+500; however, little action is available above 100+9. Sit N Gos are also run for Limit Hold'em, Pot Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo and Stud. Apart from No Limit Hold’em, only sporadic Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo action can be found with the other games generally not running.

Non-standard Sit N Go offerings primarily come in Turbo, Speed and Winner Takes All. Also available are tables that pay the top 4 places as opposed to the top 3. With Interpoker’s Turbo SNGs, the blinds will go up every 3 minutes and speed will up every 5 minutes. This is down from standard tables where the blinds go up every 8 minutes.

Interpoker also offers limited satellite Sit N Go tables that feed into the €50,000 guaranteed held each Sunday at 17:00 GMT/1 PM ET.

Interpoker Rake Schedule

Interpoker Rake Schedule
# of Players   2 3 4-10
Fixed Limit 0.10/.20 0.01 for every 0.20, 1.50 max (5%) 0.01 for every 0.20, 1.50 max (5%) 0.01 for every 0.20, 1.50 max (5%)
Fixed Limit 0.25/0.50 0.05 for every 1, 1.50 max (5%) 0.05 for every 1, 1.50 max (5%) 0.05 for every 1, 1.50 max (5%)
Fixed Limit 0.50/1-1/2 0.25 for every 5, 1.50 max (5%) 0.25 for every 5, 1.50 max (5%) 0.25 for every 5, 1.50 max (5%)
Fixed Limit 2/4-10/20 0.25 for every 5, 3 max (5%) 0.25 for every 5, 3 max (5%) 0.25 for every 5, 3 max (5%)
Fixed Limit 15/30-50/100 0.50 when pot reaches 30, 40, 50, 70, 85, 100, max (2.5%-3%) 0.50 when pot reaches 30, 40, 50, 70, 85, 100, max (2.5%-3%) 0.50 when pot reaches 30, 40, 50, 70, 85, 100, max (2.5%-3%)
Fixed Limit 100/200 and up 1 for every 100, 2 max (1%) 1 for every 100, 2 max (1%) 3 for every 100, 5 max (1%)
No Limit .02/.04 0.01 for every 0.10, 3 max (10%) 0.01 for every 0.10, 3 max (10%) 0.01 for every 0.10, 3 max (10%)
No Limit .05/.10 0.01 for every 0.20, 3 max (5%) 0.01 for every 0.20, 3 max (5%) 0.01 for every 0.20, 3 max (5%)
No Limit .12/.25-25/50 0.05 for every 1, 3 max (5%) 0.05 for every 1, 3 max (5%) 0.05 for every 1, 3 max (5%)
No Limit 50/100 and up 0.05 for every 1, 2 max (5%) 0.05 for every 1, 2 max (5%) 0.05 for every 1, 5 max (5%)

The rake chart above represents all currencies.

Example: At a $1/$2 fixed limit Hold'em game with 6 players seated and dealt cards, $0.25 in rake would be taken for each $5 in the pot up to a total of $1.50 in rake. Once the pot reaches $30, no further rake is taken. "5%" represents the % of the pot that is raked from the table at the time the rake is taken. Because many pots do not end up being raked (i.e. if no flop is seen) or if the pot is in between rake levels, effective rake levels are lower.

Interpoker Promotions

VIP Lounge

Interpoker runs a VIP program that awards frequent players with freeroll entries and special races. In addition, the top status level, Platinum, will receive additional VIP perks.

Interpoker VIP Program
Status Level FPPs Rake Equivalent
Classic 1 €0
Bronze 400 € 100
Silver 2,000 €500
Gold 4,000 €1,000
Platinum 8,000 €2,000
Freeroll Entries

€3000 Freeroll: Available for Gold and Platinum Players
€1000 Freeroll: Available for Bronze and above status level players
€400 Freeroll: Available for all players


€100 Classic Race: Classic and Bronze players
€500 Premiere Race: Silver and Gold players
€1000 Elite Race: Platinum status players

Additional Perks

Platinum Status players will also receive a personal customer services manager, live events hospitality, Platinum Poker Tour and a birthday offer.

Bad Beat Jackpot

The Boss Media Network offers Bad Beat Jackpot tables at NL Hold'em tables of 0.50/1.00 to 5/10 and Limit Hold'em at 1/2 to 10/20. You will qualify for the Bad Beat if you lose with Quad Tens when four or more players have been dealt into the hand. Both pocket cards must be used and the hand must go to a showdown. A Bad Beat Jackpot rake is taken once during the hand if the hand is raked.

Bad Beat Jackpot Snapshot
Largest Seen Jackpot Coming Soon
Minimum Qualifying Hand TTTTx
Jackpot Rake $0.50
Jackpot %/Next Jackpot %/Admin fee % 70/20/10
Loser % 50%
Winner % 25%
Remaining Table % 25%

Interpoker Freerolls

€1000 New Player Freeroll

All new players will receive entry to the €1000 freeroll to all players who registered in the last seven days. These freerolls will be run each Saturday at 11 AM ET/ 17:00 GMT.

Loyalty Freeroll

Play 1000 contributed raked hands in the previous 30 days and receive entry to the Loyalty freeroll to be held on the last Tuesday of each month at 18:00 GMT. The Loyalty freeroll will give out 50 seats to the €25k GTD.

€100 freeroll Satellite

Free to enter, this tournament will award a tournament satellite entry to the top 100 players. The tournament will be held daily at 12:00, 17:15, and 21:30 UK Time.

€100 freeroll

With no buy-in fee, a €100 freeroll will be run at 16:00 UK time each day.

25k Freeseat Satellite

Held at 15:00 GMT time, the top 50 players will qualify for a satellite entry tournament.

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Interpoker Blog & News

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News Posts

RakeTracker | The Rakeback Pioneer.

Believe it or not, there was a time in online poker’s history that there was no such thing as rakeback. When the seeds of Rake Tracker were first planted in 2003 almost all poker rewards came in the form of bonuses. Soon players wanted more. The RakeTracker business first started small, offering rakeback to players on a one-on-one basis and through referrals.

As the business grew, RakeTracker.com was launched as one of the first full-scale rakeback providers on the internet providing players with additional perks that they could receive in addition to bonuses – payout out rakeback since 2004. Now many years later, players still flock to RakeTracker for industry leading rakeback deals, monthly poker promotions in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and top quality customer support.

What is Rakeback?

All live and online card rooms take “rake” and “tournament fees” to run and operate their games. The amount of rake or fees taken will vary by game type and stake levels, but will generally be 5% of each pot for ring games and around 10% of the buy-in for tournaments.

With rakeback, players are returned a percentage of the rake that is attributed to them, usually 27%-40%. Simply put: Receiving rakeback and other promotions help winning poker players win more and losing poker players lose less. There is no reason not to get rakeback!

Getting rakeback is easy through RakeTracker: simply , then using our referral links download the poker site’s software, add the tracker to your account and you are ready to go! Detailed instructions are available on each site’s review page.

Why Should I Join RakeTracker?

Joining RakeTracker is FREE and easy. Creating a FREE account will give you instant access to rakeback from two dozen rooms on all major networks. RakeTracker members will also receive access to over $300,000 in monthly promotions including: Rake Races, Rake Chases, Freerolls and free poker coaching. Refer your friends to RakeTracker and earn $40 per friend and up to 4% of the rake they generate – income for life!

Rakeback Calculator

Rakeback Calculator

Rakeback Newsletter

To make sure you receive Raketracker's latest updates and offers, please add support@raketracker.com to your e-mail address book or safe sender list.